whole30 – start

i’m doing the whole30 again but not as a means for weight loss…because i know how that will turn out. this time, it’s more of a reset and a segue into doing aip. i’m working on prioritizing how i feel and how my skin behaves over how much i weigh. i should also have my platelets tested (before aip at least)–although, my hopes aren’t high for those either. let’s see…

here’s a list of my whole30 parameters and goals:

  • stick to the program–including the reintroduction phase…which will be hard due to my euro trip in the first week of february (so i may cut myself some slack here)
  • limit snacking to collagen drinks (2x per day)
  • limit coffees (2x per day)
  • limit kombucha, fruit, and sweet potato bowls to the weekends
  • eat between 7am and 7pm
  • try one new recipe a week
  • continue a 6x per week exercise regimen
  • continue to walk ~12k steps per day

it’s more exciting this time because a few of my friends and my boyfriend (sort of) are also participating! i’ve gotten used to doing fitness things on my own, so this is a nice surprise.

week 1 prep

i did not start my january whole30 until lunch. i had one paleo bar left and i was originally going to give myself until jan 2 to start but based on the mindset i described in the last post i figured i’d start at lunch. why not?

went to chipotle and had an excellent “burrito bowl” with carnitas, pico, salsa, lettuce, and guac. complaint and super satisfying. ben and i vowed to visit more often.

next, i went to the grocery for the afternoon’s big meal prep. i made the following goodies (which should last the rest of week):

  • breakfast fritatta with eight eggs, one pack italian sausage, a handful of collards, a can of mushrooms, one onion, one red pepper, and 1/4c nutpods
  • 90/10 ground beef with marinara and side vegetables
  •  buffalo chicken chowder (my new recipe for the week)

the chowder was awesome! it’s a keeper for sure (creamy with just the right amount of kick from the frank’s). thinking i’ll try more of jessie b’s recipes in the weeks to come.

i plan to do a whole30 update each week with my meal prep and how i’m feeling.

until then,



growth mindset and 2018 resolutions

i think new year’s resolutions get a bad rap. but in my opinion, the only ridiculous part about them is waiting until the january 1 to start. if i have something i want to achieve–i owe it to myself to start working on it right then and there.

in any case, i’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to continuously improve (we talk a lot about the concept at work)–and i need to cut myself some slack. over the past few years i’ve become increasingly healthy, happy, and centered. that being said…i can always do better…!

this year, i will hold myself accountable for the following:

  • meditating daily in the morning (in progress since november 2017)
  • reading at least two books per month – one fiction and one non-fiction (in progress since december 2017)
  • practicing math problems for three hours per week (in progress since december 2017)
  • completing the whole30 in january and trying the auto-immune protocol in mid-february through mid-april
  • blogging weekly on my quest to find and refine my authentic best self