winning london

IMG_2454so, i haven’t been the best at blogging lately but i have good excuse: i’ve finally recovered from three weeks of work travel, which included eight days in england.

later this week, i’ll post about how i’ve gotten back on track and the new lifestyle tips i’m trying courtesy of dr. sara gottfried’s younger…but for now let’s talk travel, “celebrating,” little sleep, and cadbury chocolates. it’s safe to say i effectively undid all of january’s hard work in one week (my resting heart rate went from 49 to 65…my bad behavior quantified)–but for the most part, i felt like it was worth it.

eats – i hit up my favorite vegan blogger’s (deliciously ella) restaurantIMG_2413t not once but twice during my weekend stay in london. i had a hearty bean chili and a gorgeous coconut yellow curry… not to mention her brownies, which i still find myself thinking about. i also had some excellent indian (tikka masala is the national english dish after all), some pretty good greek with my tour guide, and a gorgeous (whole30 approved) breakfast of poached eggs, roasted duck, and sweet potatoes. i also managed to have a few classic english breakfasts during the week…i can’t get enough of the mushrooms…and the beans …and the blood pudding… and lastly, let’s talk cadbury. i ate an entire bag IMG_2438.JPGafter a kind coworker brought me some so i could test the theory that “it’s different in the uk than in the us.” the empirical evidence supports this truth o.O.

travel –  i was apprehensive at first but traveling alone was not half bad!  i did a hop-on-hop-off bus for about four hours on saturday with a stop at buckingham and walk around a rainy hyde park. sunday, i signed up for a group tour of the british museum, followed by a one-on-one walking tour and a tour of the national gallery. my tour guide was excellent (he also happened to be a tour guide to the stars, including bill gates and justin bieber) and i really felt like i got the most of out my day.

IMG_2456education and celebration – on monday i headed to birmingham for the hrd summit and awards ceremony. i hand’t heard the greatest things about the city, but everywhere we ate and walked seemed nice! tuesday and wednesday i attended the hr conference with some work colleagues. it was refreshing to know that the work i’m doing at ibm is current, if not ahead of industry standards for hr practices. the best part, of course was the awards ceremony for which my team won “innovation in organizational design and hr.” such a fun night of celebration for the last year and a half of hard work (also great knowing that i can put together an award-winning submission). and, drinking again was not that much of a shock to my system (perhpas i couldn’t tell if it was the trifecta of “bad” food, little sleep, 25349547137_482730aa4e_zand alcohol)…at least i felt like my tolerance hadn’t completely depleted.

friends – the best part of the week wasn’t the food or sites–it was the people i got to spend time with. starting with my alone time, then spending a lot of time with my work friends (family), and lastly, ending the week with my good friend amanada from college (god, i miss her!). i’m lucky to know such great people.

with all the fun i had above, my flight home was everything i felt i deserved for having too much fun. tired, with an upset stomach and a caffeine headache in middle seat on full flight with an extra two hours from headwinds. the guy next to me opened his italian dressing so it exploded all over my sweater and when i used the napkin from woman next to me her dr pepper spilled on my pants…i watched the movie wind river though–which i highly recommend.

that’s it for now. back to reality without extreme indulgence!



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