final stretch

only two more days…and then what??

traveling last week on the whole30 went really well thanks to my prep… and my staying near a whole foods. i certainly enjoyed my food (rave reviews for rx bars, vital proteins collagen coffee creamer, and my tuna and greens salads with tessame’s lemon dressing). i felt light and fresh everyday last week, and i had enough energy to complete a workout each morning (usually i’m naughty and skip at least one day when i’m traveling). the one time i met temptation was when everyone was drinking free wine during a working session…ugh my mouth is watering thinking about it now…but i held true to my convictions.

i’m back again this week and will probably extend my 30 days to 32–why not since i have the supplies and no big events?

speaking of big events. friday, i’m traveling to london for work. plane food is forever a no for me, so i may make it on whole30 until saturday. i plan to add alcohol back in…and to order as if i were on whole30 and restaurants cooked with clean ingredients–full well knowing things have soy, sugar, and such in them.

i find traveling to europe on a restrictive diet difficult–i’ve tried it 2x before (and failed). ha! so i might just cut myself a break here. i knew it was coming.

when i get back home i’m going to try to eat paleo as much as i can. more on that later.

time for bed! hope to update you all soon.


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