two-thirds of the way done thoughts

i’ve said it before–i’ll say it again. this whole30 is much easier than the first. i’d really like to eat this way permanently (with the exception of special occasions). that being said, the real test will be when i’m in new york for work next week. but, i’m excited for the challenge tbh…

in any case, here’s a my update on some of my health dimensions after three weeks of living right.

food and feelings – i still suffer from bouts of “eating food without breaks” (aka binging). whole30ers often encounter issues with foods like nuts/nutbutters and fruits…and that’s the case here. i’ve had some nuts and cashew butter that i no longer think i can keep in the house. i also need to limit myself to my nutmilk lattes (i’ve been drinking three a day). lastly, i have the propensity to graze on ground beef hash right out of the container when i’m bored…that needs to stop.

on a positive note, i’ve tired so many new recipes and hacks this whole30–i’ve been eating well and enjoying my time in the kitchen. and, i can’t get enough of franks hot sauce…!!

weight – i haven’t gotten on the scale in months. my clothes only fit slightly better. but weight wasn’t the number one reason i wanted to do this. that said, i need to rethink my portion sizes and “food without breaks” issues. if i stick to my travel plan for next week, i think that may have some impact…and shrink my stomach. i just need to be careful with portions at the whole foods hot bar…

exercise – i’ve been doing the hilliard studio method streaming service challenge x4 a week for the past three weeks while i wait for resolutioners at the ymca to dwindle. it’s been challenging, especially for my core, but i am getting a little sick of it. i do mix it up on the weekends; i went to spin for the first time in months friday evening…holy heck it was terrible but it’s the only exercise that gets my hr above 160. with all that said, next week i will be bringing my travel bands and doing that in conjunction with the hotel elliptical or stairs.

sleep – my sleep has been excellent. i think low stress at work may be the catalyst for that though. as it heats up again next week, if i find i have trouble sleeping and with stress, i am going to up my meditation to 2x a day and take l-theanine.

gut heath – my stomach has felt great–no gas or bloating. perhpas the biggest noticeable difference on the whole30. previously i think dark chocolate, alcohol, and high-fiber protein bars were causing discomfort …in addition to my gum addiction (which it feels great to be away from). reason enough to eat like this all the time.

skin – wow! mostly clear! my skin was unbelievably bad before the new year. probably the worst it’s ever been. there are a few factors at play here–far beyond whole30.

  • 1. my skin issues are definitely hormonal–next week will be the real test based on my cycles. but i’ve been taking spearmint (which helps with excess testosterone, a symptom of pcos, which i suspect i may have). in 2015 i took spironolactone, which worked really well (and made me lose a ton of water weight), but it’s too scary for me to take now. and, based on my extensive internet research spearmint has the same power but without the side effects. i’m a believer!
  • 2. again, low stress at work.
  • 3. i’m back to using 10% benzyol peroxide. i’ve always found it the most helpful of any wash/cream–more so than superscription even.

stress – as i alluded to above, i know that all of the positive benefits i’ve been this past few weeks cannot be attributed to the whole30 alone; stress at work is also at play…so i’m hoping as it gears up i’m able to manage it with the techniques i’ve been practicing: exercise (always); meditation; good sleep habits; and healthy eating (i will have to continue to take care with binging).

ok…that’s enough words for a post. wish me luck on my quest to find my fitz-ness while traveling next week!





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