whole30 travel: failing to plan…

who are we kidding–i’ve never failed to plan my food. or at least try to.

today i received word that starting next week, i’ll be traveling for the following three weeks (ny, ny, then england). luckily, i’ve been stock piling whole30 travel supplies. here’s what i plan to eat in new york for my final two weeks on of the month:


  • 1 rx bar
  • with 2 hard-boiled eggs from hotel buffet




  • whole foods buffet (hopefully!)–but packing some epic bars and extra nuts, rx bars, and creamers just in case

it’s going to take a lot of will power not to drink or dine out with my colleagues. if we do dine out (which is very likely) then i just need to do the best i can with the menu (and bring my own dressings).


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