whole30 hacks of the week

nothing more exciting than learning a new trick, testing it out, and having success!!

here are a few new things i’ve tried this past week that i’ll carry beyond my whole32 r2 experience:

  • instant pot spaghetti squash that i cut while kneeling on the floor. cutting the squash is usually the reason i avoid it (that and  long cooking times in the oven). it was so easy to get my force on it to slice in one go while on the floor. never cutting something large like that on the counter again.
  • stretching food with broth. i made a chili the other night but didn’t have enough for leftovers, so i made it into a soup by adding compliant broth. another neat way to re-purpose a food is to throw leftovers into a frittata.
  • sweet potato bowls (side note…almost wrote that as bowels o.O.) for a weekend treat when i’m sick of eggs. i microwaved frozen, plain, pureed sweet potato from tjs with some blueberries; added almond milk, coconut shreds, cinnamon, collagen, and flax; and then drizzled cashew butter on top. that might be considered swypo but it’s a satisfying change.
  • two words: marinated onions. the nocrumbs onions were a smash hit on top a massaged kale salad.
  • kombucha mocktails. who needs wine when you combine a bit of gts with 1/2 can la croix and a squeeze of blood orange? (jk…)

here are some i plan to try in the coming days:

  • homemade almond milk using a coffee press. i used my nutmilk bag to make some this weekend–it’s delicious but a made a mess. i’m going to try using my old coffee press this week.
  • magic mushroom powder. i cant get enough mushrooms these days. can’t wait to try this in my new food processor tonight.
  • bone broth for an afternoon snack (to replace my collagen).

learning and sharing. that’s my motto!

talk later,



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