my whole30 necessities

this isn’t my first elimination diet rodeo. i completed one round in october 2015, and i also completed the gottfried method (eating for hormone balance for 2+ months) this past summer. so, in the spirit of learning and sharing, i thought i’d do a post on some of the essentials that i’ve picked up along the way:

  • nutpods – i use nutpods in my coffee, tea, and cooking; other nut creamers from the store don’t compare. they’re part of my subscribe and save shipment on amazon, and i have to limit myself to use one per week.
  • tea – i’m drinking tea 3-4x a day. republic of tea is my go-to brand. i currently love the reishi mushroom cocoa tea–it’s supposed to have anti-aging properties and it simply tastes like light chocolate. when i’m not on whole30, i like to make it into hot chocolate by adding nutpods, stevia, and 100% cocoa powder.
  • collagen – i use vital proteins marine and beef collagen peptides 2x a day. it serves as an excellent “snack” when i add it to coffee or tea with ~10g of protein per scoop.
  • avocado oil – it has higher smoke point than olive oil with a good clean taste.
  • gt’s kombucha – these unlock my “sugar dragon” so i only indulge on the weekends…same with all other fruit.
  • seltzer water – nothing more refreshing than bubbly water with a squeeze of lemon.

there are also some new additions this time around:

  • frank’s red hot sauce – not too spicy for my ever-evolving taste buds.
  • trader joe’s onion salt – holy cow this stuff is amazing. i put it on most veggies and meat that i make.
  • primal kitchen chipotle mayo – i love making hard-boiled eggs in my instant pot. i’ll chop them up, add in a tablespoon of mayo, and slap it on a bed of spinach with tomato, onion, and other veggies–and bam, there’s a very satisfying egg salad salad.
  • tessame’s ketchup – i tried this last week: not quite like ketchup but that’s ok…i wasn’t really looking for a ketchup replacement but something to make my meats less dry.
  • glass containers – part of the gottfried method asks you to move away from anything that might be a hormone disruptor (ie bpa). and, i find that pre-portioning out my meals works for me (it makes them last longer…ha). so, i recently bought a ton of meal prep containers on amazon. i also purchased a bunch of weck jars to replace all of my other plastic food storage containers. i’ll write more on my quest towards a non-toxic lifestyle in a future post.

i could go on and on about more products that i love–but i’ll leave at that for today.

until next time,



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