growth mindset and 2018 resolutions

i think new year’s resolutions get a bad rap. but in my opinion, the only ridiculous part about them is waiting until the january 1 to start. if i have something i want to achieve–i owe it to myself to start working on it right then and there.

in any case, i’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to continuously improve (we talk a lot about the concept at work)–and i need to cut myself some slack. over the past few years i’ve become increasingly healthy, happy, and centered. that being said…i can always do better…!

this year, i will hold myself accountable for the following:

  • meditating daily in the morning (in progress since november 2017)
  • reading at least two books per month – one fiction and one non-fiction (in progress since december 2017)
  • practicing math problems for three hours per week (in progress since december 2017)
  • completing the whole30 in january and trying the auto-immune protocol in mid-february through mid-april
  • blogging weekly on my quest to find and refine my authentic best self




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